Yindi BLUE

Autonomous waterways cleaning robot

Sensor Array

Yindi BLUE uses a combination of cameras, sensors and GPS to understand its location and its environment


Yindi BLUE compacts trash collected in its hopper to allow extended operation between collections.

Solar Powered:

Yindi BLUE is powered by the Sun. An optional on-board generator allows extended operation in inclement weather.


Vacuum from the thrusters draws floating debris to a conveyor system which lifts the trash out of the water, into the rear hopper

Thrust Vectoring:

Yindi BLUE uses thrust vectoring to propel itself. The absence of  external rudder and shallow draft hull allows Yindi BLUE to navigate complex obstacles and collect floating trash right up to the shoreline


Yindi BLUE uses vision-based intelligence to recognize targets and avoid obstacles

Yindi BLUE can be set to autonomous or direct remote control via a video feed to a web browser

Tackling invasive aquatic species

Yindi BLUE's powerful AI vision engine can distinguish between different species of fish. In Australia, we're deploying Yindi BLUE to collect European Carp from lakes and rivers. Test drive our Carp identification engine here:    http://carp.yindiblue.com/

Ongoing Development:


Yindi BLUE is under continuous development. The following are priority features we're working on:

  • Reducing the physical and power footprint of the AI vision engine.
  • Autonomous Docking: A mechanism that allows Yindi BLUE to dock, tow and continuously load floating barges.

Yindi BLUE for Schools

Yindi BLUE allows school children to clean rivers and waterways around the world, from the safety of their classroom. We make Yindi BLUE available to schools in Australia and the USA for educational purposes free of charge in partnership with local business.


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