Yindi Smart Bin

Solar Powered Smart Trash Compactor

  • Sensors report when bins need to be emptied.
  • Compaction reduces the number of collections.
  • Information-based decision making improves service delivery and reduces environmental footprint.



Lowest part count + elegantly simple design for reliable operation.

Design Options

Design your own bin enclosures, or select from our extensive range of  standard designs. Our patent-pending technology can even be retrofitted to existing bins to extend the life of your existing infrastructure.


Modular compactor design allows unrivalled flexibility for urban planners. Swap and change compactors to high traffic locations to make the best use of compactors, and assign sensor-only modules to lower priority locations.


Yindi makes maintenance simple and economical by integrating the complex components into a single cartridge.  Swap compactors in minutes with minimal training and zero tools.

 -Swappable modules allows maintenance by existing crews, reducing service costs.

 -Spare modules can be kept  on standby for zero downtime

 -Yindi Bins still function as traditional bins with compactor removed

Hands-Free convenience

Safety shield blocks chute prior to compaction.

Solar Powered

Patent-pending power saving algorithm allows up to 3 months battery life

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