Under one roof

Yindi combines cutting edge software development tool-sets with 20 years of engineering experience. By retaining a diverse range of prototyping and production capabilities in-house, we are able to rapidly iterate and turn ideas into successful products.  We are constantly listening to our customers and develop products using "Lean Innovation" techniques.

Software Engineering


8/16/32/64 Bit Embedded Firmware
Applications Development
Cloud Back-End
Web UI

Industrial Design


CAD/CAM Design
Rapid Prototyping & CNC

Electronics Design


PCB design & Fabrication
Mass production
QA & Testing

Metal Casting


Ferrous Metals (Electric Induction furnace)
Non ferrous (Gas furnace)
Rapid Pattern Making
Durable mould design & production


Metal Shop


CNC Plasma profiling
Break Bender

CNC Pinch Roller
MIG/TIG welding

CNC Machining


CNC Lathe

EDM Machining
3/4/5 Axis CNC mills
5 axis gantry CNC

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