Our Mission:

"Yindi creates innovative products that enhance the cleanliness, safety and sustainability of Smart Cities"

Our Approach:

 We combine new-world thinking, cutting edge technology and old school manufacturing capabilities....

Good Design starts with a deep understanding of the requirements. Yindi's design engineers work with cities around the world to understand their challenges in the delivery of waste, transportation and security. We apply our extensive experience of software and product design to create the best products for their application.

We have developed an agile, adaptable manufacturing system that is responsive to local requirements and minimises the unnecessary shipping of materials and parts.  We believe in developing and retaining high-tech jobs and skills in our home markets of Australia and the United States.

Service & Support:
Yindi service professionals ensure sure that our products are maintained and serviced to the highest standards. Our devices report their status to our web-based dashboard to allow us to monitor and plan maintenance for our products. Because Yindi technicians are part of the team, feedback from real-world deployments are continuously shaping our product design.

Our People:

We are an energetic team of design and manufacturing engineers led by managers with a diverse range of experiences and skill-sets.

John McMahon
Co Founder - CEO

Sindy Ly

Co Founder - CFO

Innovator & Experienced business manager.

Originally from Chicago, John has grown up around technology startups and mature corporates. John's love of nature and technology has driven his visionary approach to urban and environmental technology while his steady hand guides the strategic business direction of Yindi.

Experienced Business Manager  / Accounting & Financing

For over 20 years Sindy has managed a wide range of companies in all stages of growth. Originally trained as an accounting auditor, Sindy's meticulous attention to detail has guided many small companies through the complexities of accounting, taxation and compliance.

Peter Nguyen

Co Founder - CTO

Uyen-Cam La

Co Founder - Information Systems

Tech Industry Pioneer

Peter grew up in Sydney before spending his early career leading development teams for tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle USA. An Experienced Software architect and developer across a wide spectrum of hardware software systems, Peter leads Yindi's global team of software developers to ensure that our products seamlessly integrate into our clients systems.

ICT Professional

Cam is an ICT industry professional with extensive experience in delivering large scale infrastructure projects for the private and public sector. Her strong systems-based approach to product deployment ensures the reliability and consistency of performance our clients have come to expect from Yindi products and systems.

Jonathan Nguyen

Co Founder - Product Development

Creative Design Engineer

Jonathan's unconventional career has seen him work in a wide range of industries as both developer and user of technology. This broad experience of good and bad products has helped shape Jonathan's approach to Yindi's human-centric design.

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